Bad App Mistake

14 Mistakes App Designers Make All The Time

Let’s start at the beginning of the user experience…

#1. A really long app tutorial

Your users will just get bored, and they won’t pay much attention to your tutorial anyway.

#2. Or the alternative...

You just dump a new user on a home page where they’ve got no idea where to go next.

#3. Users don't quickly discover value

Tutorial or not, your app doesn’t get new users to feel like they’ve found true value on the first use. The users aren’t going to come back if they’re not getting what they’ve been promised by your marketing.

#4. Boring notifications at all hours of the day

It devalues one of your most important channels to get users coming back to the app - less is more.

#5. Buttons that are too small to click

Having to try click a button multiple times is a really clunky and annoying experience - you don’t want to annoy your users.

#6. Important text with low contrast compared to the background

It’s always harder to read things on a screen than when you’re designing it - consider sunlight, dirty screens, color blindness.

#7. No clear buttons to proceed to the next step

No-one likes feeling stuck or dumb.

#8. Unfamiliar UI components

The more time you have to spend teaching users your interface the more chance you have of losing them.

#9. A loading screen that just says ‘loading’

Huge missed opportunity - this is the perfect place to showcase the value your app is doing for users behind the scenes.

#10. Your app isn’t a painkiller or a vitamin

Going to be really hard to get someone using it consistently if it’s just ‘cool’.

#11. Your app asks too much of the user’s attention

In the age of TikTok if you’re asking your users to think too much they’re probably going to skip it.

#12. Your app doesn’t change and release new things over time

No-one will keep coming back unless your app changes - our brains are wired to crave random variable rewards.

#13. Asking to people to share your app for no reason

No-one is going to do it out of the goodness of their heart - just give them a compelling reason.

#14. Ignoring a better way to solve the problem that's already in the market

It's difficult to change behaviour if your user has made up their mind on how to solve the problem.


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