Gavin Belson doing a Gaddie Pitch

What is a Gaddie Pitch?

As succinctly mansplained by Gavin Belson, the ultimate tech visionary

A Gaddie pitch, you see, is a three-layered gourmet sandwich. Each ingredient is fine on its own, but when combined, they form a culinary masterpiece.

Got it?


Ok, I'll break it down for you:

Layer 1: "You know how..."

This is where you demonstrate your profound empathy. Your deep understanding of your audience's problems. You want them to nod incessantly, as they bask in the clarity you provide—something they could never achieve without your guidance.

Layer 2: "Well, what we do is..."

Reveal your game-changing solution, because remember - you're the expert here.

Layer 3: "In fact..."

Brag about your success, so they know how lucky they are to have you explain it.

Disruption delivered. You're welcome.


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