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Goal: make it easy to sustain a healthy balanced relationship with social media, without annoying time limits
Goal: further the field of product strategy with AI-supported research and backing by behavioural psychology
Goal: make it easier for founders to keep realistic about their idea and their progress
Stealth ad-tech startup
Goal: shake up the business model enabling harmful social media algorithms

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🏔️ Outdoors & adventure
Surfing, split boarding, camping, sailing
🎾 Sport
Tennis, table tennis, cycling
🧪 Experimenting
Cooking, sourdough, homebrew, diy

My product philosophy

Proposition #1
Useful products don’t necessarily get used.
Most businesses haemorrhage users through their product experience.
You need to build something that people actually care about, and then also nudge them to actually do something with your product.
This necessitates finding strong product-market fit and deeply understanding user psychology.
Proposition #2
Product is part art, part science.
Startups often make the mistake of either completely basing their product on their own instinct OR copying what they see more successful startups doing.
But in order to win you need a balance of both - strong strategy, creative experimentation and understanding time-proven underlying drivers of success.
Proposition #3
We are at an inflection point in the way successful companies are built.
New technology (especially AI) is lowering the time to build and barriers to entry to create valuable products.
This results in increased competition, meaning startups are being forced to focus on smaller and smaller niches in order to carve out their own sustainable piece of the market.
Proposition #4
There's no such thing as a 100% responsible product.
It's important for every product to regularly account for its direct impacts, both positive and negative - and then extrapolate to potential second order impacts, third order impacts and so on.

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